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Don’t just see any dentist in Paramus, NJ. See the best dentist in Paramus, NJ. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? If you aren’t seeking beautiful teeth, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the dentist you are going to. If you are seeking treatment in Fair Lawn, NJ, Paramus, NJ or surrounding areas you should be considering The Tooth Doctors.

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Dentist Near Me Fair Lawn NJRobert Gagliardi, DMD and Mari Noruzi, DMD have been providing excellent treatment for more than 20 years. The team is ready to take on any and all obstacles standing between you and your vision of a perfect smile. As a family-oriented practice, we get to know our patients one-on-one. This allows us to better assess the unique needs of individuals. We thoroughly take the time to examine what can be done to improve your health via personal consultations where we can take a closer look into what may be causing you problems. Therefore getting to the root of the issue and taking the steps necessary to correctly improve the situation.

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Having experience has led to our practice knowing how best to remedy different situations. We can think outside the box and come up with a treatment that can ultimately save you time and money when you visit our office. We offer both general and cosmetic dentistry services for patients of every age. If you are thinking about treatment, there has never been a better time than now to get started. We provide routine cleanings and examinations that can help keep you in the clear regarding your dental health. If you are experiencing cracked or chipped teeth we can help you. We offer composite resin to provide strength to your teeth and provide a safe resolution. Cracked or chipped teeth may be more susceptible to damage or wear. We also offer crowns, veneers, bridges and more to address multiple problem areas.

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The best dentist in Paramus, NJ can only help you if you seek treatment. By taking this important step you are already closer to your ultimate goal of a more beautiful smile. Maybe you’ve thought about whitening your teeth or just switching over to another practice. The best Dentist in Paramus, NJ can do all that and more for you. Call us today, or schedule your free appointment online to get started.

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