Full Dentures in Fair Lawn NJ

Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth to restore your smile. If you’ve lost natural teeth from tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, you can improve your health and appearance with dentures. Dentures provide an easy solution to enhancing chewing functionality, digestion, and speech.

Dentures act as replacements for missing teeth that can be put in and taken out of your mouth. While dentures may take some adjusting, modern dentures are more natural looking and comfortable than ever before. There are currently two types of dentures available: partial and full. A Fair Lawn NJ dentist will help you choose the type of dentures that best fits your needs. Losing multiple teeth leads to facial muscles sagging, which cause an older and less youthful appearance. Dentures assist in filling out the appearance of your face. Dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth so that your appearance does not drastically change. As a result, dentures may even improve the look of your smile.

With full dentures, a base blends in and fits over your gums. The upper denture covers the roof of the mouth, while the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate the tongue. Each set of dentures is custom-made from dental impressions taken by your dentist. Our team will determine which treatment option is the best fit for you and your needs.

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